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I’m Jenna,

Here to do the things that bring me joy, whilst dropping pebbles that create ripples … 

I absolutely love meshing human design and energetics together to create a new way with relationships, money, living, business, and manifestation. A new way of doing what is authentic for us and untouched from all the old stories and narratives that we have told ourselves and believed to be true, that idea feels so super nourishing to me.

I believe that we must know ourselves more intimately and deeply than anyone else could ever know us because we must first see ourselves before we can truly see another. In order to live an aligned life we must first take a look within, there is not just ‘one way’ to doing that but I love the use of human design and energetics to help uncover the flavours of our soul that make up our conscious and unconscious energetics.

I revel in the idea of uncovering the ideas and beliefs that have been implanted and imprinted onto your soul from other people and disintegrating those pieces of data so you can come a little closer home to yourself, to find inner freedom.

I love nothing more than shining a light onto your authentic soul through the lens of human design so you too can bask in your own magnificence, reclaim your power to start living an aligned AF life and call in all of the things that are meant for you in this lifetime.

Allow my words to land wherever they need to for you right now in this moment, allow my words to invite you in to explore your own inner world, however always know that your own alignment is your own self responsibility. I am so excited to be able to shine a bright spotlight onto your soul, so you can turn around and look within, shall we venture into that together?

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Self Discovery

that moment where you stop, turn around and you take a look within, can that be uncomfortable – fk yes!! However in order to rewrite a new you must commit to the dive into self-discovery and from here begins a new way (delicious right?!)


there is no one like you on this planet, you are unique and through the concepts of human design we can unravel parts of you that take you into mis-alignment. This process isn’t easy and it requires self responsibility, honesty and a willingness to accept and grow forever


‘just be yourself’…. Well who the fk are you? Or are you being the person you think you ‘should’ be? Authenticity comes from a deep inner knowing of who your soul chose to be and through human design we can begin to unpack all that you have become that is inauthentic or that no longer serves your highest good



the gateway to transformation

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Let’s deep dive …