Your Personalised Nine Centres Guide


A beautiful crafted guide designed by me and personalised to your design as you navigate the energy centres.

Included will be:

1. Strengths

2. Challenges

3. How to best navigate your centres

4. Affirmations to hit your soul with passion

How it will unfold

Once you purchase your Nine Centres guide there will be a 7-11 day turn-around as I create these specific to your design.

PLEASE NOTE: All sales and purchases are final What currency is your store?

Australian dollar (AUD) How is my nine centres guide delivered?
Your guide will be created in a PDF format and emailed to you What if I have questions after receiving my guide?
This is perfect and it’s great that you want to dive in further, I do offer 2 exchanges of emails back and forth, so let the information sink in, get all of your questions into one email so we can ensure they all get answered

Is my time of birth that important?
Yes my friend it certainly is, ALL birth data is essential and this ensures that we find the correct design data for you, if you cannot find the time then please reach out at

OH NO! I have provided the wrong details and information.
Providing the right details is essential to your purchase and we will not be liable for any wrong data being supplied. If the data is corrected before your reading please email and we will change that in our system, however, if it is after the reading has taken place we will not be liable for any wrong information given and the reading will need to be re-purchased with the right data supplied. Data is in AUS/UK date format-ting.


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