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A design of your energetic essence and how you best move in this lifetime through a process of un-becoming all the ideas and beliefs that are not yours to believe or hold.

I believe human design is an incredible tool to uncovering your own unique, energetic flavour of who your soul chose to be in this lifetime, by taking your birth data we shine a light on your energetic blueprint. This highlights the ways in which you best move through this life, the best way for you to engage with others, your inherent skills and gifts and your purpose for this lifetime, where your greatest lessons are and so much more.

Human Design encompasses ancient systems of Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras and the Kaballah (tree of life) with contemporary systems of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry designed to empower you with the knowledge of your energetic blueprint in this life and who you came here to be.

Human design looks at both your Personality and also your design by looking at what are the things that are conscious to you and you know about yourself as well as the things that are unconscious to you and you don’t know about yourself…. yet. This allows you to uncover the truth that is already within you, you already have the tools within you to uncover those truths its human design that helps you to be able to do that.

A way of closing the gap between ‘who we think we are’ and our authentic true soul nature, with the intention of learning more about yourself, how you move in the world and how to take a step closer to soul alignment and being able to apply your gifts and skills in this lifetime.

It has been the greatest tool I have used to help highlight those parts of me that are inherent and also be able to recognise those parts of me that are inherited and no longer serving my highest self. Understanding my human design has been the greatest gift for me as it has allowed me to flow with my own energy current, the energetics of my business and relationships whilst recognising my gifts, skills, lessons and challenges in this lifetime. Taking a step off the pace of a metaphorical ‘bullet train’ and stepping into my own authentic pace which is nourishing for my soul has been so incredible for me. To learn to surrender to a new way has served my soul and although your lessons and unveiling will differ to mine, it will still be so magical….

“Our role in this lifetime is to know the depths and intricacies of our own soul so deeply that no one else will ever know us as we know ourselves. It is when we see our own truth and our own soul that we can then truly see another”

– Jenna

What to expect from your reading …

: Human Design Intro video

: Your energy type video

: Your authority video

: Your definition and your profile

: Your personalised reading of your chart

All about you, your essence, your magnificence, your skills, and who and what you’re on this earth to be and do.

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