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Hey you, I’m Jenna Douglas

CREATOR, VISIONARY & epic human being filled with the audacity to do things a little differently

: I am known to change my mind and be fiercely unapologetic about it

: I am independent with a graceful charge through life [ I often move so fast you might miss me!]

: I am here for the deep dive into all of the things

: I am a natural born teacher and leader with a unique way of seeing and doing

: I am known to retreat and seek solitude – SOLO

: I am the investigator of all of things – always

: I am known to drop the occasional F bomb

A little of my magic …

: To embue growth and expansion through this lifetime by turning around and looking within

: To lead by becoming the most iridescent, lit up, powerful, embodied human being that I am designed to be in this lifetime, whilst shining a light on your own true magnificence

: To create a new way of doing, a new way of being and to challenge the ideas and beliefs to all of the things in order to find the most aligned and magnetic way in this life

: To become comfortable with the uncomfortable

My landing in human design …

I am no qualified expert, but what I do know is what it looks and feels like to dis-own your own magnificence, misplace your power and to live a very mis-aligned life (for a long long time) in all areas of my life.

A new way of being and moving in my world started during the middle of 2019, when I began to question the way I was choosing to show up in this world, the way I was leading, loving, working and operating through life as I began to feel really disconnected and misaligned. I own my own business and I was starting to feel the burnout, the moment where you feel like the wheels are constantly spinning but you are getting nowhere at the same time—you know that feeling and I was becoming disenchanted with life in general.

Then a global pandemic hit the world and it forced the temporary closure of my ‘bricks and mortar’ business for 9 weeks, which stripped me completely bare of all that I had known, to the structures I had built, to the way I was operating and moving in the world and in the world of my business. It was during that time that I chose to go within, re-connect and de-stabilise all that I had built and it was the landing of human design into my life during that time that I fell in love with the true essence of my soul and my life all over again.

The greatest gift that time in my life gave me was space, the space to find a new way of moving in the world, a new way of doing in the world, a new relationship with my business and also myself. The unveiling of my own inner compass which allowed me to sink deeply into the magical human that I am and commit to becoming, whilst celebrating the fk out of my magnificence and choosing my own alignment over conformity – all of this truly feels like FREEDOM for me!

Living life by my own design has never felt more freeing and powerful …

What I want for you

: to embrace your own self discovery

: to step into your own power

: to learn to navigate your own inner compass

: to bask in your own magnificence

: to meet your soul and what it is truly here to do and be

: to illuminate your own unique roadmap to who you are, who your soul chose to be in this lifetime

: to be free of the conditioned ideas and beliefs that are not yours to hold

The first step is with a human design reading, where you will get to take a deep look into your energetic blueprint, who you were born to be in this lifetime and this will unveil your true essence and magnificence in order for you to develop the knowledge on how to live your life by your design and allow the magic to unfold.

Eeeeekkkk – I am so excited for you to meet your soul.




Human Design Image

Let’s deep dive …